Meet Joshlyn Tuner

The Write Expressions was conceived in 2010, but wasn't born until 2020. During those ten years, Joshlyn Turner, our Founder & CEO, developed our sister companies, The Write Fit and The Write Juice. Both companies represent Joshlyn’s ability to use her creative expression to influence a lifestyle in fashion, health and total wellness. 

Although her witty wordplay became a staple for her tshirt company, The Write Fit, Joshlyn never gave up her dream to create meaningful messages for the world. Her love for greeting cards goes back to a young age, where she first began collecting cards she received from special moments in her life. Joshlyn believes that greeting cards are a way for our hearts to communicate what our mouths might find it hard to say.

Our company is dedicated to helping you celebrate seasonal, special and unique occasions through innovative social expression products for the people you love. We greet different. Let us do the work, all you need to do is sign the card!